During the summer semester I taught Math 1552, a second course in calculus.

Spring 2015: Graduate teaching award and Distinguished Faculty Award

Spring 2014

It was a pleasant surprise and an honor to receive  a Tiger Athletic Foundation Teaching Award which is generated by nomination from students. My colleague Martin Forrest also received this award. Here is a photo from the ceremony:

Martin Forrest and Ambar Sengupta: TAFAward2

Over the years I have taught classes ranging from basic algebra to research mathematics.

In the Spring of 2014 I am teaching a second semester course in introductory Calculus called Math 1552. The students belong to the Engineering Residential College and are very sincere – every class is close to full attendance at 7:30am! We began this class with a study of vectors and saw how Newton’s law of gravitation implies that the orbits of planets and satellites are conic sections. We used the extremely efficient method using the eccentricity vector (anachronistically named after Runge and Lenz).  Following this we studied partial derivatives, integration techniques, and on to series …